Afghan Teenage Girl Defeats Taliban

The Afghan Teenage Girl Defeated The Taliban Militants Alone With A Weapon

A teenage girl from Afghanistan's Ghor province has been the subject of discussion on social media for displaying "heroism" against Taliban militants.

According to a BBC report, after the girl's parents were killed in an attack by Taliban militants, she was forced to retreat by resisting at gunpoint.

Officials in Ghor province say two Taliban soldiers were killed and several others wounded in a counter-attack by the teenager with the family's AK-47 rifle in response to the Taliban attack.

According to officials, the Taliban attacked her home because the girl's father was a government supporter.

Afghan Teenage Girl With Weapon In Hand
Afghan Teenage Girl Resisted Taliban
Mohammad Aref Aber, a government spokesman in Ghor province, was quoted in the UK's Guardian newspaper as saying that a group of Taliban militants arrived at the girl's home around 1pm on July 17. After the girl's mother and father were killed by the militants, the girl tried to resist her younger brother from inside the house.

 After the incident, a picture of the girl with a weapon went viral on social media.

After a brief retreat, the Taliban tried to attack the girl's home again but were repulsed by villagers and government-backed forces.

Officials say the teenager is between 14 and 18 years old. She and her younger brother have been evacuated.

Ghor is the most underdeveloped province in western Afghanistan and has a higher rate of violence against women than any other region.

Date: 2020-07-22

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