World's Top 10 Most Hated Countries

Top 10 Most Hated Countries in the World

Top 10 Most Hated Countries in the World

People hate different countries. Several different organizations do different surveys on what country is the most hated or disliked on the planet. 

Reputation Institute, Pew Research does this thing called attitude towards different countries. I looked at all the different surveys that I could find and I came up with a list of countries that most frequently show up on these studies or surveys, whatever you want to call them. 

There are a lot of different reasons people from other countries may hate another country. It could be things that happened in the past or now, it could be for economic reasons or military reasons. For whatever reason, people hate. It's just a fact. 

This is a very interesting list. I've found some on the list, they really haven't done anything horrible in decades and decades, but people hate them going back hundreds and hundreds of years, it's really strange. 

All right, let's see what people say are the most hated countries.

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Saudi Arabia

Saudi Arabia is an oil-rich country in the Persian Gulf and everyone's heard of Saudi Arabia. This place is highly dominated by religious laws and go all the way to medieval punishments like stoning, lashing, amputation for thieves, women really get a raw deal here, too. 

With the lack of most freedoms that we take for granted here in the United States, they are just part of our normal life. I was reading some of their laws and thinking why would they stop a woman from doing that? 

One of their laws that just baffled me, which I knew about it for a long time I just thought it was strange, started reading about it. Was women, when they go outside the home have to cover themselves from head to toe, including their faces. 

And they're not allowed to go anyplace alone. They have to take a male relative with them, could be a brother, could be their husband, whatever. 

I'm sure that it gets old quick for both the woman and her brother, who every time she's gotta go to the store, and if her husband's working, she gotta call her loser brother to come over and escort her to the store. 

They got a whole bunch of other reasons that rub outsiders the wrong way here. And that's what gets them on lists like this. Most tourists will tell you to stay away from this place because it's kinda boring to visit.


Turkey has had a love-hate relationship with the world for centuries. Turkish people are great, I know a few of 'em, all of 'em are wonderful people. 

What's putting them on the list, according to several sources is their current government. And actually, their past government, when they were the Ottomans. When you go way back, Turkey is hated because of the Armenian genocide. 

The massacre was carried out by the Ottoman Empire and resulted in the deaths of 1.5 million people, Armenians mostly. If you don't know the Ottoman Empire, it's probably 'cause you're from the United States. We kinda just brush over it in our world history. 

But the Ottoman Empire was basically big in this area and it all came from Turkey. And I just totally broad-brushed that again, but give you the idea of what's going on there. Although the massacre is widely known, it is still denied by the Turkish government. 

It's like, they know it happened, everyone else knows it happened, but if they don't admit it, it didn't happen. It's weird. 


I know many Persians, I've worked in Beverly Hills for a lot of years and it's filled to the brim with Persians. Like Turkey, the people are kind and decent, very smart and friendly. It's their government. 

It supports terrorism around the world, has a horrible human rights record, keeps threatening the world with nukes and it likes to piss off the most powerful nations on the planet. 

The people are great though. And it's not just the United States they like rubbing the wrong way, everyone. If you're a major power in this world, Iran's gotten under your skin at some point. 


If any country excels in discrimination, it's India. This is one of the main reasons people hate this place. The Indians believe that hating you for your color, race, gender is perfectly a normal thing. 

Now I'm not saying all of 'em, this is just a general feel. I'm sure you could run into a lot of really nice Indians. This, as you can imagine, puts a bad taste in a lot of people's mouths and it kinda keeps 'em away from visiting India. 

The country isn't safe, especially for women. They are cracking down on this, but it isn't terribly rare to find out that some woman was attacked by a group of men. For a while there, it seemed to be happening like every week. I mean, brutal stuff too. 

Not like touching on the bus or something like that, it was ugly. On top of that, they aren't the best neighbors to other countries around them. They have a really bad reputation for that. 

United Kingdom

Yes, believe it or not, the United Kingdom is hated by a lot of people and it's not so much as what's going on now, it's they have a terrible past. it's thought by many around the world that the UK is extremely greedy and it ruled about a quarter of the earth at one point. 

It was one of the first in the world to bring in a slavery system. It encouraged civil wars, oppressed and looted many countries and is responsible for the division and destruction of several countries on different continents around the world, and is still involved in most of the major wars that happen on the planet. 

But if you go way back, I mean, look at anything to do with history, especially here in the United States, you could tell England was kind of, they were kinda a-holes. And the arrogance they had back in the day about it was just incredible. 

One of the best scenes, there's a movie called "Last of the Mohicans" and Daniel Day-Lewis is this scout woodsman and this British officer, he saves him. And then he's all, how is it you came across this war party of Native Americans that were attacking the British? 

And he goes, well, we were headed to Kentucky. He's all why are you heading to Kentucky? All of our scouts are heading to someplace else. 

And he goes, well I ain't one of your scouts. I mean, the British officer's demeanor was like, what do you mean? He's all, yeah, I'm just not doing that stuff. 

Great movie though. 

In one of the reports I read, there's a big problem with the British. Obviously, they were in India for a very long time and I don't know all the ins and outs of it, but it seems very interesting, but it's a little more time-consuming than I wanted to get into. 

They say the UK destroyed India and ruined its education system.


China has a lot of people and they execute a staggering amount of 'em. They have forced labor camps, ugly history, and cheap exports. 

They've been accused of currency manipulation and have decided that the island of Taiwan belongs to them. They're always, something going on between those two. Some of their low-cost products include medicine and food. 

On a few occasions, they've decided to use less expensive materials so they could drive up profits, make the product cheaper. The downside is this has caused some deaths. That type of thing has gone on for decades with them. 

So many times, they found out some toy that was inspected before, all a sudden they switched it out to having lead-based paint or something like that because it's cheaper, on a kid's toy. As you can imagine, all those things have gotten them on this list.


Israeli people and the Palestinian people have been going at each other's throats for decades and decades. 

They fire rockets at each other from across the border, the politics and the drama that has gone on here for, like I said, decades and decades is just far too complicated to cover in a single article/video.

But whenever you have warring neighbors, the one that's usually doing the most damage is the more powerful one, which brings on a lot of hatred and that's part of Israel's problem. 

I mean, there's a ton that goes into this, but basically, the war that they've had with the Palestinian people and the fact that there are Jewish nations surrounded by Muslim nations probably doesn't help matters either. 


Russia has a history of being aggressive to its neighbors, not just in military terms, economics, hacking, forcing a bunch of countries to join the Soviet Union and before you say it, yes, some went willingly. 

At least the people in charge went willingly, it's really hard to find average Joes from the old Soviet Union that were on board with this whole operation. 

Russia likes to create conflicts between major nations of the world, which is designed to be beneficial to Russia. 

They like to kill people that disagree with them, no matter what country the person happens to be standing in. 

You know, like Russians go someplace else, they've been talking to the media bad about the Russian government, and next thing you know they've been poisoned with uranium or something weird like that. 

They're, right now, in the news because they have jailed an opposition leader that's been on a hunger strike. This isn't the first time they've done that either. 

All those things and some other things make Russia one of the most hated countries on the planet. 

United States of America

Yeah, you heard me, my country, our country, if you're watching from the United States, is the second most hated country in the world. 

Now it's hard to believe if you're from the country, much like if you're from Russia, you're probably wondering why people would hate Russia, that's just how things are. 

We're kinda designed to be that way. The United States of America is hated by many because of its vast military and economic power over the rest of the world and that's just a fact. 

We've been involved in so many different conflicts, which have just angered people from the areas and in the countries that the conflicts happened in. 

They're in a lot of cases wondering why we got involved. You would probably have to go back to the Korean War and World War II to find a time that we were truly justified by going to war there and the people were probably happy with it 90% of the time, I mean the people from those countries. 

But considering we've been involved in all these conflicts, we are one of the wealthiest countries on the planet and we have the largest military, it's hard not to be hated by Third World countries because of that. 

There are so many other things for all of these really, not just the United States, but for all these countries, there are thousands of other reasons people might hate that country.

North Korea

Who didn't see this one coming? You know, when you put as much effort into hiding what is going on in your country as North Korea does, you know what's going on isn't good. 

North Korea has been a big pain in the ass to everyone for a very long time. We know their people are starving, jailed, executed, they disappear in the middle of the night and they're subjected to an insane propaganda program. 

They're told that their leader doesn't have to use the restroom because he works so hard for the North Korean people that he burns off all the calories he takes in, so he never creates any waste. 

They also tell the people of North Korea that he has to take phone calls from other countries to solve problems that other countries can't figure out. 

They also have their own Netflix knockoff called Manbang. I'm not kidding, it's called Manbang. I don't even know how to explain they came up with that name, but it doesn't mean what it sounds like to Americans. I'm sure it means something different to them. 

This is a streaming service that has three channels. Two of which are government news channels filled with nonsense and one channel that shows government-approved movies only. 

Those who live in the country suffer from restrictions of freedom, as their internet access is heavily censored, poor infrastructure, low standard of living. 

And the reason they're all poor and their infrastructure is crumbling is because they put all their money towards nuclear weapons. This is an obsession with the North Korean government. It threatens the world with nuclear war, like every week. 

They have an aggressive attitude towards neighboring countries and this has caused them to be pretty much isolated from the rest of the world. 

And people go on to believe that they're just totally evil, which I'm sure the people are just fine. It's just their government is just whacked. The outside world knows very little of what's going on in North Korea. 

Every once in a while, we'll get someone that defected over. They finally got out of the country and they just tell us horrible things. I remember there was this soldier that jumped across the border not too long ago, he was starving. 

He had seeds from trees in his stomach that he just couldn't get enough food, so he was actually eating these big seeds that weren't digested and it was kind of sad.

All right, that's today's list. Hope you guys got some information out of it, hope you guys enjoyed it, it's kind of weird. 

And it's really weird to have to say that yeah, the United States is one of the most hated countries on the planet, I love my country. 

It's just I had to go by what the survey said, trying to give you guys the most accurate information I can, don't hate the messenger. All right, everyone has a great day. Be nice to each other.

Author: Briggs from World According To Briggs


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