Despite Subtle Improvement, Dhaka is the Seventh Least Safe City in the World

Dhaka 7th least safe city
Dhaka ranks 7th among the top 10 least safe cities in the world

The poor state of digital, infrastructure, personal and environmental security has made Dhaka the 7th most insecure city in the world.

The capital of Bangladesh is ranked 54th out of 60 countries in the 2021 Safe Cities Index, two steps ahead of the last index.

The bi-annual report, released by the Economist Intelligence Unit on Monday, ranked Dhaka 54th ahead of Yangon, Karachi, Caracas, Cairo, Lagos, and Casablanca.

Earlier, the capital was ranked 56th in the 2019 index, and 58th in 2017.

Professor Adil Mohammad Khan, general secretary of the Institute of Planners in Bangladesh, said many international reports have already revealed poor living conditions in Dhaka.

"Dhaka's position in this index actually reflects the real situation in the city. Every parameter of the city's security index lacks good governance and policy implementation," he said.

Dhaka's overall score out of 100 in this year's index was 48.9, while the city's previous score was 44.6.

Meanwhile, Copenhagen is currently the safest city with 82.4 points. Toronto is slightly behind the city with 82.2 points.

However, Asia and Pacific cities dominate the top ten of the list. The top ten countries include Singapore (3rd), Sydney (4th), Tokyo (5th), Wellington (7th), Hong Kong, and Melbourne (joint eighth).

The report, sponsored by NEC Corporation, is based on 76 indicators under five pillars. The pillars are digital, health, infrastructure, personal and environmental security.

Dhaka's performance in five pillars of the Safe Cities Index 2021

Sadly, Dhaka ranks among the 10 most unsafe cities among all pillars of the index except environmental protection.

In addition, Bangladesh's capital is ranked 5th among unsafe cities with a score of 39 in terms of digital security. Sydney was the safest city on the list, followed by Singapore and Copenhagen.

The column assesses the ability of urban citizens to use the Internet and other digital media freely without fear of privacy scandals, identity theft, and online attacks.

Meanwhile, Dhaka is the 6th unsafe city with a score of 49.6 in infrastructure security, with Hong Kong as the safest city. The availability, quality, and adequacy of infrastructure in the city are measured and its weakness essays are measured in case of man-made and natural disasters.

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When it comes to personal security - the extent to which citizens are at risk of crime, violence, terrorist threats, natural disasters, and economic vulnerability. In this case, Dhaka is the 7th most insecure city and Copenhagen is the safest.

The quality and infrastructure aspects of healthcare are considered in the field of health protection. Dhaka has been ranked as the 9th unsafe city in this pillar.

Meanwhile, Dhaka has shown relatively good results in environmental safety. How the city has incorporated sustainability parameters into city planning to reduce carbon emissions and address climate risk has been reviewed. Dhaka ranks 14th in the index, ahead of neighboring New Delhi and Karachi.

Date: 2021-08-24

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