How Travel Is Transforming Post Lockdown

Jean Newman Glock on How Travel Is Transforming After COVID Lockdown

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Travel is transforming

Now that people are more comfortable getting back on the road, what travel trends are emerging? 

As the first excited travelers emerged from isolation road trips were the top choice, and reuniting families snapped up villas and other similar spaces. But now, travelers are ready to resume more distant travels. 

While gathering with families is still a goal of many, getting away without family is also a trend. YOLO (you only live once) is a commonly heard mantra, and that means taking the trip you are dreaming about now.

Have you seen a shift in how people perceive luxury travel? 

For many people, extravagance and opulence have been replaced by travels that fulfill personal goals. Health and fitness are a top trend. 

Leaming about other cultures and consideration for the impact their travels will have on other communities is another.

Are there specific destinations becoming more popular these days? 

Croatia and Greece made early efforts to open their borders and promote new state travel protocols. Hawai'i and Mexico were other early winners. The list is expanding day by day, and the momentum worldwide is strong. 

Cruise lines have been quick to announce new itineraries and demand has been high for all cruises, rivers, and ocean. 

Dare I suggest we might be approaching some semblance of what will be our new normal. There are lots of options and new opportunities to explore the world.

How can a travel advisor help navigate any roadblocks? 

Travel advisors have been busy. They learned about testing, international restrictions, new insurance policies, and on and on. Not only are they experts on destinations, now they are experts on all the above. What the traveler may see as a roadblock, their expert advisor knows the solution. 

Are there benefits to locking in travel plans well into 2022? 

Absolutely. Many hotels and cruises are selling out quickly for 2022 and even 2023. We all thought there would be a surge of pent-up demand but never dreamed it would be so strong. If you want a specific resort, cruise, or tour, now is the time to book.

Navigating travel today can be daunting, but our experts are here to help. We gathered insights from our own go-to resource, Jean Newman Glock, who has been traveling the globe for more than 40 Years.

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