Why Christian's Apologies to Gay Community are Bullshi*

Why Christians Shouldn't Say "I'm Sorry" at Gay Pride Parades

I recently heard about a group of Christians who attended a gay pride parade. They weren't there to protest. They were there with signs saying "I'm sorry."

They were sorry for judging gay people. For rejecting them in the name of "family values." For not listening. 

For seeing them as a sex act instead of as human beings. They wanted to apologize for all the harm Christians had caused the LGBTQ community. 

And they were there to give out hugs. That seems really beautiful. I mean, what a kind and loving gesture. That's the sort of thing Jesus might do. 

Now, here's why all of that is bullshit. I appreciate that they're sorry. They have a lot to be sorry about. 

Still, whenever you hear these stories or if you run into these people, you should ask yourself two questions: 

  1. Are they saying they support same-sex marriage? 
  2. And, do they think homosexuality is a sin? 

You almost never see those answers on their signs. And there's a reason for that. They know their answers, but they don't want you to know their answers. 

They want credit for being good people, even though they still hold despicable views. So, next time you see them, don't hug them. 

Don't praise them. Not unless you ask them these questions and get the right answers in return. Do not give them credit for views they don't hold.

Christians who sincerely want to "apologize" to the LGBTQ community, they should hold signs that say something like "I'm sorry for judging you and I fully support your civil rights". 

Or "I'm sorry for thinking being gay was a sin and I don't think that anymore." Or "I'm sorry I attended a church that supports conversion therapy and I stopped going there." 

Don't leave out the most important part of the statement. Saying sorry is just the beginning. And it is not enough.

Originally published by Hemant Mehta on the Atheist Voice. Published on Fadewblogs by Dave Martin.

Disclaimer: This article is published on Fadewblogs with the permission of the author.

Date: 2018-09-18

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