America Will Become an Unimportant State in World Politics Within the Next Decade

The U.S. is Losing Its Grip Over the World Politics Day By Day

The United States was absent from World War I. They even were absent at the beginning of World War II. On December 7, 1941, when Japan invaded Pearl Harbor, the United States started participating in World War II.

World War II ended on August 6 and 9, 1945, when the United States detonated its first nuclear bomb in the history of the world in Hiroshima and Nagasaki, Japan.

The immediate death of 140,000 innocent people and yet generations of nuclear radiation have caused the people of the region to bear the horror.

Despite Japan's decision to surrender in the war, Roosevelt remained steadfast in his decision to use the atomic bomb. Hitler's Germany collapsed before the use of the atomic bomb. Roosevelt, Stalin, and Churchill met at a palace there. Everyone tried to discourage Roosevelt from detonating an atomic bomb. But it did not work.

From inside the nuclear bomb blast, the United States emerged as a twist in the world's political arena. The Korean War began only after the end of World War II; then there was the long-standing Vietnam War. Then the Middle East and the Afghan war.

In almost every war, the Americans have never reached their goal. The latest event of Americans leaving the Afghan soil empty-handed was matched by the defeat from Vietnam in 1975.

Pictures of two US military helicopters side by side have gone viral on social media. One of which is to return from Saigon in Vietnam, the other is to return from Kabul in Afghan. What a strange similarity. This is how history comes back.

In 1965, the United States began a prolonged war by sending troops to prevent the fall of the South Vietnamese government. In the end, the United States could not win. 

In 1975, under communist rule, the two south and north Vietnam merged. In 1976, Vietnam officially became the Socialist Republic. About 3.2 million Vietnamese and about 1 to 1.5 million people from Laos and Cambodian died in this war. 

About 58,000 American soldiers were killed. 300,000 US troops were also injured and crippled. Even in World War II, so many Us soldiers did not have to give their lives.

For 20 long years, the US army has been in Afghanistan and has waged war on so-called terrorism. During this time, many Afghans have been made their allies. Americans have taken various cooperation from them. They did not add those afghan helpers to the 'exit plan' of the Americans. 

As a result, the fear and insecurity of thousands of Afghans turned deadly. We have seen thousands of Afghans rushing to the airport for fear of their lives. The terrible and incredible effort to save lives has shaken the conscience of the world human being. 

The sight of hundreds of people trying to board and running with a plane or falling off the wings or wheels of a flying plane has made people cry.

The identity of the human remains on the wheels of the plane has been published in the news today. The unfortunate 18-year-old is a footballer. The U.S. administration says "Kabul fell long before the time was expected." The answer to the question of what constituted the 'concept of time' or whether it was an intelligence failure did not match.

After the defeat of the Americans in Vietnam, a large number of Vietnamese were helped to leave Vietnam by warships stationed in the Vietnam Sea. About 200,000 Vietnamese were then allowed to migrate to the US. But this time afghans did not see any such action.

By changing the US strategy, they are now trying to give shelter to Afghans suffering from insecurity in other countries. Despite Bangladesh being a densely populated country, the US administration has tried to send Afghan refugees here. 

In a country burdened with about 1.5 million Rohingya, the US proposal is a bit like a "blow to the head". Bangladesh has rejected the US offer.

The war is deeply rooted in the US economy. The United States has spent about two and a half-trillion dollars in Afghanistan. Despite spending so much money in Afghanistan, the 20-year war has helped the US economy tremendously. 

The U.S. contractors, the arms dealers, all shared in the money and contributed to the U.S. national production system.

Despite the United States being defeated in multiple such wars, the country will continue to fight in the world arena. The United States is now focusing on China. 

That is why many believe that one of the reasons for the withdrawal of troops from Afghanistan is the new tensions over the South China Sea. Which will help the country in another military coup or military operation in the region. 

Meanwhile, a strategic security alliance with Japan, India, and Australia is forming the quad. The main goal of this security alliance is to control the South China Sea.

The crisis between Vietnam and China over South China Sea waters has been a long-standing one. Vietnam was once a very close friend of China. It was not possible to defeat the Americans without the cooperation of the Chinese in the Vietnam War. 

Those Vietnamese are now very close to the Americans. Their distance from the Chinese is created with the waters of the South China Sea.

Vietnam's economy is now largely dependent on Americans. Vietnam is exporting many industrial products including the textile industry to the US. Vietnam has been in the most convenient position since the trade war with the Chinese began. The US administration has made their entry into the US market much easier. The reason, the South China Sea.

China's growing presence in the international arena is not being well-seen by Americans. The United States, which has long been dependent on Chinese products, is moving towards preventing China's arrival in global politics. 

In that sense, it is an attempt to build relations with North Korea. A nationalist president like Donald Trump has held multiple meetings with the North Korean president. However, the Us agreement with North Korea has not yet worked.

The crisis with Israel in Middle Eastern countries has long been able to bring the crisis of diplomatic, economic processes to a fairly favorable environment in Israel. 

Several Middle Eastern countries have recognized Israel and are tying up various cooperation agreements with Israel. Saudi Arabia has not yet recognized Israel. However, Saudi Arabia has played the most leading role in improving other countries' relations with Israel.

The United States continues to blockade Iran, damaging its economy; As they did in Cuba. China is coming forward to lead the world there with an alternative economy, which the United States will not accept in any way. 

China has already started trading in bilateral currency with several countries. Their bilateral trade with Russia is being paid in bilateral currency. Attempts were made to introduce this system to India as well. But India's crisis of religious nationalism and internal politics has pushed it back a bit.

Many believe that the United States will become an insignificant state in world politics within the next decade. As has been the case with the British Empire, once the largest empire in the world.

Monwarul Haque

Monwarul Haque
Political analyst
The Business Standard (Bangladesh)

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